Are Calico Cats Female? The Gender and Colors Link In Female Cats

Are Calico Cats Female? The Gender and Colors Link In Female Cats

Sarah Holloway explores the fascinating website link between layer Color and gender in female kitties and responses issue “are all calico cats female”

Have actually you ever met a male calico pet?

If that’s the case, you’ve got met an extremely cat that is unusual.

You may be aware that calico kitties and tortoiseshell kitties are often female

And there’s a complete large amount of truth for the reason that.

But do you realize why?

In this informative article we’ll delve into the way the exact same genes that determine our cats’ sex additionally influence along with of these layer, and discover if you can find any tortoiseshell or calico cats that are male. “Are Calico Cats Female? The Gender and Colors Link In Female Cats”の続きを読む

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